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Binocular users are often faced with blinding or distracting light and wind entering in behind the eyecup and directly on to the users eyes. The rubber eyecup's provided by most binocular manufacture are ineffective at preventing this problem. Thus is the impetus behind the need to invent EyeShields - Winged Eyecups for binoculars.
In developing this product, the device needed to be universal enough to fit all major brands of binoculars and be perfectly comfortable to ware. The result was two designs of EyeShield's. One for Compact sized binoculars and one for Standard size binoculars and spotting scopes.
The initial design development required production of a number of RTV molds to assure a comfortable fit and correct size to firmly grip onto the binocular eyecup. A secondary design feature was to allow the EyeShield to fold back on itself into a stowed position in the event the user did not want the EyeShield functioning but not requiring them to be removed. This was achieved by adding a specially design fold joint in just the right location allowing the EyeShield to fold back and out of the way. The patent for this product was issued in March 2011.


POCK - Pocket Optics Cleaning Kit

POCK- Pocket Optics Cleaning Kit. The world's most compact lens cleaning kit available.
The POCK was developed by our engineers to solve the issue of needing a complete lens cleaning kit with you at all times but not wanting to haul around large bottles, brushes and cleaning cloths. The solution was
miniaturization. We didn't need to reinvent wheel, just make it smaller and compact. A custom designed retractable lens brush, a replaceable bottle of cleaning solution and a very compact carry case was designed that meet the requirements perfectly.
This product has been so successful that Nikon has purchased this product and now sells it as a Nikon branded product.


Rapid Release Bino-Adapter

This product was developed for Field Optics Research as part of a family of products incorporating a quick release feature that connect the binoculars to a number of support devices such as a tripod, or "Steady Sticks" and others.
There are a number of devices available that adapt binoculars to a tripod but non of them offer the quick release feature at an affordable price. Thus the RRBA was developed to provide this functionality at about the same price as those without this feature.
This product has been a huge success and is available in stores now.

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