VibeRoller: Vibrating Core Foam Roller

The VibeRoller is now patented technology and was developed for HealtheVibrations, LLC. A new start-up company that has spent years perfecting the ultimate vibrating core foam roller. The Foam Roll industry is a large and expanding market. Foam Rolls are used for a verity of health and fitness applications. Traditional Form Rolls work great but are made even better with the addition of a deep penetrating vibrating core. We provided the design and engineering services necessary to bring this product from a napkin concept, patent development and finally to a working prototype. The VibeRoller is in the final stages of product development and is actively preparing to take this market.

Vent Safe: In-Wall Keyless Personal Safe.

The Vent Safe was the brain child of Mike Fleckenger, an entrepreneur who had a great idea but needed to put his idea into production. Mike had developed a very nice working prototype but needed to put the finishing touches on the design and make the product more manufacturable and affordable. Because of our expertise in "design for manufacturing" we were able to create real production design drawings and locate high quality suppliers to be able to manufacture this product well below the original COGS estimation and thus greatly increasing the value proposition of the business plan. This product will be available on the market in the Summer of 2014. It utilizes secure RFID technology for quick and convenient access and is indistinguishable from a typical HVAC return air vent.

SpaceBrace: Pipe Spacer and Trench Depth Gage

The SpaceBrace is a product designed to assure proper spacing of pipes used in a residential or commercial utilities trench. Code specifications dictate specific spacing between certain types of piping in trenches and the only method employed by contractors today is to pound stakes in the ground at the proper spacing and strap the pipes to these stakes to hold them in place. The SpaceBrace is a low cost pipe spacer that provided a variety of combinations of properly spaces saddles to keep the pipes spaced at exactly the right distances. It also connects vertically to provide an exact trench depth measurement. It is an inspectors dream to know that when a SpaceBrace is used on a project the pipes will be according to code specifications. This device was made using plastic injection molding and manufactured off shore in China.

Portalis: 8 Channel Video Controller System

Control rooms, network operations centers, and command & control units all suffer from a similar and intense pain: their operators must source data from multiple, incompatible operating systems in order to make decisions. The risk of mistakes is enormous. Portalis solves this problem by giving operators the ability to 'Monitor and control up to eight different systems from a single Integrated Workstation.' Working in conjunction with Design Engine Inc., our engineers performed the main chassis design, which was challenged by the need to pack an incredible amount of electronics into a single 3U rack module. System cooling and modularity was a significant factor guiding many of the design considerations. Our staff also provided the Industrial Design for the chassis bezel and other critical components. The physical prototyping was all done using local rapid prototyping, sheet metal, and machine shops.
This product is available now at

AudioShare: Smart Digital Intercom and Music System

The AudioShare 201 is a second generation, fully integrated digitally networked, peer-to-peer intercom, music and home control system. This project required incorporating state-of-the-art electronics into a new modern look and feel. Our Engineers completed the Mechanical Design, plastic injection mold development, and 3D Rapid Prototyping. The physical prototype work was performed in Utah and the injection molding was done in China.

Lazerbrite - Multi-Function Flashlight: Multi-Mode Waterproof Specialized Flashlight

Lazerbrite is a patented highly specialized multi-function flashlight primarily used by the USA military. This is a cost effective replacement for the common chemical glow-stick that you can actually "turn off" when you need to. Glow-sticks are once-on always-on for about 8 hours. Lazerbrite is waterproof to 150 ft and has the equivalent lighting capacity of over 25 glow-sticks and can be turned on and off for about 4 months on one set of batteries. Lazerbrite provides tactical lighting capabilities and location marking functionality. Our engineers performed the mechanical/electrical engineering and system integration for this product line. We also designed and built a number of performance test fixtures, assembly tooling, and automation equipment used for waterproof and life cycle testing. We also produced production manufacturing tools used for component manufacture and final assembly. Along with the basic light head, we also designed a number of accessory products including a helmet clip system, specialty lenses, landing zone marking stake kits, connector tubes, and magnetic bases and more.
This product is commercially available at www.lazerbrite.com. Here is a video review.


EyeShields: Binocular Accessories

We designed and manufactured a full line of binocular and spotting scope winged eyecups for all brands of sport optics. The requirement was to design a universal product that would comfortably fit ALL human face anatomies and ALL popular brands of binoculars. This goal was ultimately achieved and the patented product is now sold as EyeShields in many sporting good stores around the world. The design and prototype development was performed in Utah and the production injection molding is done in Kentucky.
To increase perceived value, we packaged the product in a high-end metal tin box neatly placed in a felt covered thermoformed tray. The packaging is produced by our partner supplier in China. Vince Warner, the president of Rocky Mountain Product Development, is the co-inventor and president of the company that produces this product. This product is available now at http://www.fieldopticsresearch.com
Watch these TV commercials on YouTube. (Hunting) (Birding) A complete line of additional products have now been developed for this company.

Grate Lift: Window-well Grate Cover Lifting Mechanism

The Grate Lift is a solution to a problem that, until now, has had no viable commercially available option . In the case of a fire and emergency egress is required through a window-well covered by a heavy grate window-well cover, most individuals, and especially children, would be incapable of lifting the grate up and away and allow a person to escape. Also, removing the grate from the outside for cleaning and other reasons is very awkward. The Grate Lift easily attaches to the side of the window-well and then to the grate cover. Then, pulling the handle of the spring-assisted lifting mechanism with less than 7 lbs force, the grate is easily raised to a safe height allowing any aged person to escape. We designed and developed this patent pending product as an in-house invention. We just completed the product development phase and are now developing, production tooling, packaging, and marketing materials in preparation for full production launch. This product was developed using manufacturers in Utah and will be mass-produced in China.
The Grate Lift sells for under $100 through national distributor channels
and is available now from SaferHome.com http://www.saferhome.com/index.htm.
Watch this product video of Grate LIft. http://www.saferhome.com/gratelift-video.htm
Vince Warner is the co-inventor and co-founder of this company.


Oxy-Reel: Medical Oxygen, Remote Controlled, Hose Management System

Our company designed and developed this product for I2I, Inc. The product allows patients on supplemental oxygen to retrieve, via wireless remote control, all the extra and unwanted oxygen hose that can develop around a patients feet in their home or hospital room. The device allows for zero resistance "out-spooling" and wireless remote control "take-up". Oxy-Reel helps prevent the user and others from tripping or stumbling on the excess hose that can pile up around the users feet. We performed the Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, electronic integration, PCB layout, and prototype development of this product. We are currently in the physical prototype and production component sourcing phase.
These will be available soon from www.oxy-reel.com

ThermaSpin: Thermally Actuated Convection Oven Turntable

Microwaves have turntables, commercial bakery ovens use turntables, why not residential ovens? Because until now there was no good way to build a turntable for an oven that can reach 500 degrees. ThermaSpin is patent pending technology, invented by our President, Vince Warner, that is activated by the ambient heat within the oven itself. By use of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of dissimilar metals, linear motion is translated into rotary motion which provides 2-3 rotations of the platter in a typical 30 minute cooking cycle. This product is used for cooking short-cycle food items such as breads, cookies, pizza and other items that are susceptible to ovens with uneven cooking characteristics that "burn in the back and are raw in the front". Market research has shown that 1/3 of all ovens sold in the USA have uneven cooking characteristics.
This product is in the physical prototype and material selection phase.